Welcome to the Birdhouse Server!

Server Rules:

1) Don't be a dick.
1b) Don't use slurs. Go to Skial or SourceOP for that.
2 Don't abuse the votekick system.
2b)Votekicking somebody for destroying your friendly party counts as abusing votekicks.
3) No ear-bleeding micspam.
3b)Music micspam is OK, but if many people are complaining, you should turn it off. They reserve the right to votekick you if you do not.
4) No porn sprays. Nobody wants to see your incredibly specific fetish art.
How to Instantly Respawn:

1) Open up the class selection screen.
2) Pick either a new class or the one that you just died as. Doesn't matter!
!votekick [player/userid] [reason]
- Please type in a reason, even if it's just "hax", so I know why the person is being votekicked.
- If you're dealing with a name-changing hacker, follow these steps:
1. If it isn't already, enable your developer console.
2. Open the console up and type
. A list of names should appear.
3. There should be a column (probably the far left side) that holds a list of simple numbers. These are userids.
4. Identify the two people with the same name, and take note of their userids.
4b. After the name-changer has changed their name again, retype status into the console.
4c. Check the two user IDs that you took note of before. The hacker should have a new name, but keep the same id.
5. Go ahead and start a votekick, using
instead of the hacker's name! :)